Legal expenses insurance: protect against now rising legal fees

Friday, 02.08.13 , written by Christian Hafler A legal protection insurance is now more important for the Germans. Because since 1 August 2013, the court and attorney fees have increased. Who wants to enforce his right in court, must now pay more money for the legal costs. With legal expenses  Rechtsschutzversicherung: Jetzt vor steigenden Anwaltskosten und Gerichtskosten schützen

Legal expenses insurance: protect against legal costs

A legal expenses insurance has completed according to GDV one in four Germans. However, it can be assumed that more people are opting for this insurance now. Because since August 1, 2013, a new cost law applies. The lawyer fees and court fees increase significantly. Depending on the area, the German Insurance Association (GDV) assumes an increase of more than 20 percent. It is all the more sensible to think about legal expenses insurance now. It takes over the litigation and legal fees in litigation. There are good offers according to the financial test at DAS, HDI Direkt and HDI-Gerling.

Legal expenses insurance: well secured in litigation

Whether private legal protection, traffic rights protection, professional rights protection or tenancy protection – a legal expenses insurance takes over the costs incurred for court, lawyer and Co. How important the insurance has become since August 1, 2013, shows a recent example calculation of the GDV: A dismissal protection action can now up to Cost 1,000 euros more. The corresponding legal fees and court costs add up to around 5,700 euros. In view of this sum, it is not surprising that about two-thirds of the Germans, for fear of the costs in the litigation, waive a lawsuit. This emerges from a recent forsa survey. But good law should not be a matter of money.

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Finanztest tests legal expenses insurance

Stiftung Warentest comes to the conclusion: “With a legal protection insurance under the pillow many people sleep quietly.” The legal insurance insurance test of the magazine Finanztest, the offers of DAS, HDI-Direkt and HDI-Gerling performed best. Due to the high performance, however, tariffs cost up to 403 euros per year. Good offers with slightly lower benefits are already available for 100 euros less. Who wants to arrange only a traffic rights protection or a tenancy protection, needs less than 100 euros per year to spend his legal expenses insurance. When it comes to the question of which protection makes sense individually, advising a specialist on legal expenses insurance can help. Read the results of the legal expenses insurance tests.

Legal expenses insurance: Lower premiums with deductible

Finanztest advises to conclude a legal expenses insurance with a deductible of 150 euros. In this way, consumers can reduce their contribution. Insured must pay so 150 euros of the costs incurred in the lawsuit itself. However, the magazine points out that some insurers renounce the initial consultation with the lawyer. In addition, in recent years, the deductible is waived in some cases when insured go to a lawyer proposed by the insurance.

Legal expenses insurance test 2013: Many good offers

From the legal protection insurance analysis of Morgen & Morgen from the year 2013, the Legal Protection Union emerges as the test winner. Also Arag, WGV, Allrecht, DMB and Debeka offer recommendable offers. The two test results from Finanztest and Morgen & Morgen show that, depending on the test criterion, there are different legal protection insurance test winners. Consumers should not just rely on an investigation, but compare the results. Which tariff is most suitable for them individually must be weighed by consumers themselves. A legal expenses insurance comparison computer helps them.

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