More services for people with dementia and the mentally handicapped from January 2013

Tuesday, 01.01.13 , written by Cornelia Teich From 2013 on, dementia patients and people with mental or psychological disabilities can receive benefits from the statutory long-term care insurance even without a care level. Who wants to take the care allowance and the care benefits, but must submit in good time an application to the nursing care. 

With the care reorientation law, the federal government wants to improve the position of people with dementia and mental or physical disabilities from 2013 onwards. For the first time in the future, insured persons should also be entitled to benefits from the statutory long-term care insurance, which are assigned to care level 0. For care levels I and II, the previous benefits are improved.

Services at care level 0

Dementia sufferers, mentally and psychologically handicapped in the so-called care level 0 can then receive care allowance and care benefits, if they have a significantly limited daily life skills. Those affected should receive a monthly care allowance of 120 euros or care benefits of up to 225 euros and may also take a replacement care for up to 1,550 euros per year. To ensure that their apartment can be converted barrier-free, the care fund also grants them a subsidy of up to 2,557 euros.

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More services in care level I and care level II

Even people in care level I or care level II, in which there is a significant limitation of everyday life, will receive more money from the statutory long-term care insurance from 2013. Especially for people with dementia, care allowance will therefore be higher in the future than previously. In care level I, the care allowance for those affected now increases by 70 euros to 305 euros, in care level II there is a care allowance of 525 euros, which is 85 euros higher. The nursing salaries can also increase: in care level I by 215 euros up to 665 euros and in nursing level II by 150 euros up to 1,250 euros. Only with the services in the care level III there are no changes due to the care reorientation law.

Apply for care allowance and care benefits

Those affected will not receive the new benefits provided by the long-term care funds from 2013 onwards: they must first apply to the long-term care insurance. Subsequently, the medical service of the health insurance companies (MDK) examines whether the claimant actually has a significant restriction of everyday abilities. Important here: Only after the application has been received by the nursing care fund, the benefits can be granted at all. Even those in need of care, who already have a nursing degree, should therefore take care of a new assessment quickly. If you have questions, you can contact the care provider.

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